POSTED BY: 28.04.2017

Righto Ladies and Gentlemens, here’s a little update………..

Since the end of the Sooner or Later Tour I have been sitting around drinking too much, listening to Lynard Skynyrd and Little Feat, mulching, sorting out the garage, spraining my glass ankle again, going to Bluesfest, buying vinyl and busying myself stockpiling food and water for the forthcoming Nuclear Holocaust.  It’s been a VERY busy school holidays I must say. But like all of the other kids, today it’s back to work for me. 

This week sees the release of Isn’t It A Pity, the first tune from Brutal Dawn. Once again this record was made at La Cueva Recording in Byron Bay with Nick DiDia at the production helm and the trusty Black Fins on most of the instruments, along with Clare Bowditch and Ian Peres.  Following the Civil Dusk Tour last year Nick and I returned to the studio and kept working away until we put the finishing touches on it in January. Isn’t It A Pity is accompanied by a stunning animated video made by Melbourne via Berlin collage/video artist Lucy Dyson. She has put together a clip that brings an aesthetic style that wonderfully compliments the colourful melody and unusual rhythms of this song, and expands on Karen Lynch’s artwork and design concepts of both Civil Dusk and Brutal Dawn.  

While Civil Dusk concerned itself with decisions and consequences, this record riffs on that idea further by looking at the gaps between memory and the reality of the actual events. I became fascinated by this idea, strangely enough, by selfies. Let me explain. With the proliferation of cameras on phones, it is pretty obvious that these days, our lives are heavily, constantly documented in pictures and video. So, I was looking through my phone and found that my kids had taken a whole lot (dozens) of photos of themselves, their toys, random objects etc. But mostly, themselves. I realised that in those couple of minutes, my children already had more photos of themselves than there were in existence, of my entire childhood.  I was the youngest of four, so by the time I came along the novelty of baby photos had either completely worn off, or my parents were way too busy washing nappies (yep) and combing people’s hair into neat parts and pig tails, not to mention the expense and inconvenience of developing film, to take photos. I know of three pics of me under five. Anyhow, It got me thinking about how my ‘history’ exists almost entirely in my mind and in the versions of events of my family and friends. For children now and into the future, it will be mostly there to re-watch. So I tried to look between the pictures in my memory and see what was there. Anyway, that was a broad concept for this record and how it related to Civil Dusk.  

Brutal Dawn will be released on the 26th of May and around that time there’ll be some information about touring and tickets later this year. 

Looking forward to hearing what you all think.