Civil Dusk / Brutal Dawn

POSTED BY: 19.06.2016

Good Day Good People 

Well, it’s that time again. Time for some music at last.  I am very pleased to let you know that my new single Wasting Time is out today, it’s the first single off my upcoming album Civil Dusk which will be out on August 5.   It was recorded, along with the rest of the album series at La Cueva (lah-quaver), a new studio in Byron Bay that my old compadre Nick DiDia and I recently opened.

Oh and that’s not all, Civil Dusk is actually part one of a series of two albums: the second instalment Brutal Dawn will be available in early 2017.

We spent a few months piecing songs together and this was one that appeared in a first batch of tunes when we barely had the studio up and running.  Most of the time it was just Nick and I in there talking about prog rock, eating pies and looking at the view.  Matt Engelbrecht and his dog Evie dropped in most days and hung around too. 

On Wasting Time, Hamish Rosser (The Vines) played the drums and Ian Peres came in played a monster piano track.  We put the song jigsaw together over a few months with people adding bits here and there. That’s how most of the album came together. 

A lot of Civil Dusk looks at the tension between when a decision is made and when its consequences manifest themselves. Wasting Time speaks to exactly that in exposing that much of our lives are made up of small, everyday choices, that impact down the years. The big picture, much as we’d like it to, rarely gets a look in. It’s the everyday activity that normally rules your life. Or mine anyway. The pressure’s on. Routine, daily life, rolling into the future. 

We made a video in Deep Sydney with Damon Herriman starring as Wayne the Dunlop Volleys poet, Gary the BMX Postie with an indomitable spirit, and Terence, Sandman Owner. All obsolete……. All total champions! Nat van den Dungen and her brilliant crew put it all together. See if you can spot how many 33s are in there?  

Watch out for some Facebook and You Tube videos coming up that explain the process of putting the album together. Songwriting, recording, collaboration, face tattoos and artwork. Karen Lynch from @leafandpetalvintage collaged the album covers and Josh and Louise at Mathematics put the rest together. It’s beautifully done. As you can see it has been a widely collaborative effort. 

The album is released on August 5 and tour information will be released around then too. Stay posted.  I am so happy to finally have some music out and be getting ready to see you out on the road again. 

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I hope you enjoy it. 

Over and out, 

BF  xx

Civil Dusk