Civil Dusk – Album & Tour On Sale Now!

POSTED BY: 05.08.2016

G’day everyone,

A quick reminder that Civil Dusk is released today. We’ve been working on this album project for about the last six months and are so happy to finally have Part 1 coming out. It’s the most fun I have ever had recording and we are really proud of what we have produced. We are also very keen to get back in there and finish off the second instalment Brutal Dawn which will be released early next year. 

Follow the below links to grab a copy so you can learn it all carefully before the shows coming up in October/November. If you want some more info on how the album came together, head over to the Facebook page and watch a series of short videos that outline the songwriting and recording process, the artwork, and show you around our new studio in Byron Bay called La Cueva Recording. 

The Civil Dusk tour is also on sale as of today, so have a geeze at the dates on the tour page. 

We’re pretty excited to get back on the road and show you these new songs, so hope to see you at the shows. 

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