POSTED BY: 01.12.2012

Hello Ladies and Gentlemens,

Well it’s been a while hasn’t it? Coming up on five years since I last wrote a message to you all. I know how busy you have all been getting on with your lives so I, quite simply, didn’t want to bother you. So now I am back to annoy you all.

In this wonderful year of 2012 the wheels are beginning to turn on me making a new record and getting back on the road at some stage pretty soon. I thought I should give you the heads up that I have been camped away in Madrid for the past year and a half, writing songs, eating ham, learning a new language, fathering a second child and scheming to decamp to California to record my second album.

So we are recording at Sunset Sound in Hollywood, a studio that has been home to dozens of records that have changed the face of popular music over the last fifty years. Joe Chiccarelli is at the helm. It is such an honour for me to have someone that has such a distinctive record as an engineer and producer to captain the project. Just the fact that he was interested in the dodgy demos that I put together was a shock to me, so I have jumped at the chance to work with him. He has put together a band that is far beyond what I could have hoped for. Matt Chamberlain, one of my all time favourite drummers is on the sticks, Sean Hurley who is probably best known for his work with John Mayer is playing bass, Lyle Workman is the guitar slinger who has, amongst others, toured with Sting and Beck, recorded on dozens of albums and is a film composer in extremely high demand, and finally Zac Rae is the the keyboard boffin who I saw play just a few weeks ago with Fiona Apple at the Greek Theatre here in LA. Graham Hope, who assisted on the Powderfinger album we made here with Rob Schnapff in 2007, is back in the control. So that is the team that will put this all together over the next few weeks. Needless to say I am very excited to be in such exalted company.

So I plan to keep you posted as we go. It’s looking like a very busy few months coming up and a very exciting time.

I’ll be in touch so stay tuned.
BJF xx